About Us

Covenant House of God Church was birthed 23 years ago through a vision from God, burning in the heart of Apostle Saundra L. Hagans, to reach the lost in a dying world. That vision began with Apostle Hagans hosting weekly Bible study with approximately 15 people in her living room with many lives being changed and families being restored.  As word of this awesome ministry spread the ministry began to grow. In 1991, Saundra Hagans Ministries was established and they began to hold prayer breakfasts and revivals in local churches in addition to the weekly Bible studies. The ministry grew until it became too large for the living room and, in September 1993.

Covenant House of God Church has a Children’s Ministry, a Women’s ministry, titled Daughters of Zion, a Community Outreach Ministry, Praise and Worship Ministry. These very vital ministries have experienced substantial growth and continue to be a blessing to many members of Covenant House of God Church and the surrounding community. And, as we celebrate our 23rd year of ministry, we continue to grow and realize God’s not finished using us.

The presence of the Lord is truly in Covenant House and His anointing is ever increasing in our lives. We are one body with a vision for an expected future of abundant blessings and favor from God! Apostle Saundra L. Hagans, founder and pastor of Covenant House of God Church, is a committed and dynamic vessel of God. In 1993, having been filled with a burning vision to reach the lost in a dying world, Covenant House of God Church was birthed with fifteen people in her living room. There is a tangible anointing upon her ministry that sets captives free of every demonic stronghold. Salvation, healing and deliverance permeate every aspect of her ministry and her inspirational preaching and teaching stirs a revival and hunger for God in the hearts of believers everywhere. Her gifts of the Holy Spirit are evident in the power of her preaching as she exhorts and encourages individuals to move from glory to glory and deep to deep.