About Our Leader

Apostle Hagans utilizes non-traditional venues to promote spiritual empowerment and growth in ministry for those under her leadership regardless of race or background. Through dedication and commitment to promoting growth in God’s people, several ordinations have taken place; sending forth a new generation of ministers to spread the gospel. Her ultimate vision is to promote unity in the Body of Christ, develop leaders, challenge, motivate and instruct people of all denominational and cultural backgrounds to reach their maximum potential in Christ.

The vision is propelled forward through the hosting of conferences, workshops and retreats which are organized by the ministries she has birthed. Saundra Hagans Ministries, Inc. is an outreach organization that promotes spiritual empowerment for all by destroying yokes of bondage in a Spirit-led, non-traditional atmosphere.

Apostle Saundra Hagans is in fellowship of churches under the leadership of Bishop Eric Lambert of Bethel Deliverance Church.  She is truly a Shepherd after God’s heart and a model of holiness and Godly love towards all.